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About Us

Little About Us

At Kahuho Road Academy, we instill the knowledge, values and the necessary attitude required for your child to succeed both academically and in his/her life as an individual and citizen of the world.

Computer Lesson

Our fully equiped, state-of-the-art Computer Laboratory where pupils gain knowledge in matters of technology.

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Meals Provided

The learners are served with a well balanced diet to ensure their healthy growth.

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We provide pick-and-drop transport to learners. Our buses are driven by well trained drivers and assistants to ensure their safety while in the buses.

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Professional Teacher

Our children are taken care of and taught by well-trained, qualified and competent teachers.

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Music Instruments

Let us child gain skills in playing instruments such a violin, piano, guitar and traditional instruments from the best trainers.

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Drama & Music

We help your child develop his/her skills in acting, dancing, singing through our drama and music lessons.

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Welcome to Our School

Are you looking for a school where your child can acquire knowledge and skills both indoors and ourdoors?

At Kahuho Road Academy, we believe in holistic education, where we mould your child mentally, physically and socially, preparing your child for the world ahead.

Our Co-curricular

Our co-curricular activities include the following amoung others:

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  • FREE
  • 3k

Our Administration

The school is headed by well-abled, trained and knowledgable personnels who ensure smooth running of the school.

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+254 722 744 027

Mrs. Jane Wachira
School Director
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+254 722 596 543

Mr. Muriuki Mbogo
School Administrator
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+254 728 735 149

Mr. Patrick Akungwi
School Headteacher
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+254 740 356 160

Madam Grace Muma
Head of Curriculum
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School Bus